FREE e-book format

Project MOSAIC Books started in 2009 with the objective of bringing a fresh approach to topics in statistics, mathematics, and computing. Although electronic editions of books were possible then, there were too many competing standards and, more important, it was hard to present technical material except as PDF. And PDF often doesn’t display well on a phone or small tablet.

As a result, we originally distributed books in print format. We have always tried keep prices low — $59 was a standard price for one of our print textbooks and our manuals were even lower in price.

Over the decade since we started we have encountered many instructors who are interested in using Project MOSAIC materials, but who are challenged by the innovative approach that we take to our subjects. Often, these instructors asked to use just a couple of chapters of a Project MOSAIC textbook, just to try it out. Or they wanted to list it as supplemental reading to find out how students react to the materials. Even the $59 price was a challenge to these instructors.

And so … with the increasing technical capability provided by systems like Bookdown and GitHub, we are converting some of our most popular titles to an e-book format and making them available for free.


PS Although access to the e-book is free, Project MOSAIC Books continues to maintain the copyright. These are not open-source materials, just open-access materials in the form provided by us.

PPS For those who prefer the printed form, we still sell books in that format.