Start R in Calculus

Calculus and computing go hand in hand. Calculus provides an ideal setting for learning about computing notation, computing empowers students to apply ideas from calculus in realistic settings. Start R in Calculus uses the popular mosaic package, written by Randall Pruim, Nicholas Horton, and Daniel Kaplan, and provides an easy-to-use command set for modeling, data analysis, numerical and symbolic calculus.


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Table of Contents:

  1. Starting with RStudio
  2. Functions & Graphing
    1. Graphing Mathematical Functions
    2. Making Scatterplots from Data
    3. Graphing Functions of Two Variables
    4. Splines & Smoothers
  3. Fitting Functions to Data
  4. Solving
    1. Solving Equations
    2. Linear Algebra and Projection
  5. Derivatives & Differentiation
  6. Integrals & Anti-Differentiation
  7. Optimization
  8. Dynamics

– Activities
– Instructor Notes

front-flap & back-flap provide command guides.