Info for bookstores

Bookstore orders

We sell two types of books: course textbooks (e.g. Data Computing, Statistical Modeling, Scientific Computation) and short guides (e.g. A Student’s Guide to R).

These prices apply to bookstore orders of textbooks that will be sold to students.  For bookstores that will be renting books, our regular prices apply.

  • For orders of 8 or more books: $49/book + shipping
  • 48 or more books: $45/book + shipping
  • 96 or more: $42/book + shipping

For guides, pricing is:

  • Orders of 8 or more: $14.95/book + shipping
  • 48 or more books: $12.95/book + shipping
  • 96 or more: $10.95/book + shipping

Return policy: Return up to 1/3 of your order for a complete refund. Beyond that, there is a restocking charge of $10 per book.

Shipping: We ship by United States Postal Service (USPS)

  • Priority Mail (approximately $12 for a box of 10 books) — 3 business day delivery
  • USPS Media Mail (approximately $8 for a box of 10 books) — 5-10 business day delivery This works out to be less expensive than United Parcel Service (UPS).
  • If you prefer, we can ship collect to your account using whatever service you prefer.

Shipping for guides is approximately half as much as for textbooks. We charge the exact price of postage.

Additional questions?  Contact Maya Hanna or 651-295-1592.

Payment terms: Recognizing the realities of academic bookstores, we ship immediately upon order. Terms are 2/15 net 60 ROG. Checks should be made payable to “Maya Hanna”. Anticipated returns (up to 1/3 of order) can be netted out of the initial payment. Returns beyond those netted out will be refunded by check.

We are also happy to invoice and receive payment via PayPal.